What Is the Power of the Law of Attraction

What Is the Power of the Law of Attraction

There are three camps when speaking about the celebrated “law of attraction”: those who claim that the law of attraction works, those who deny it and those that complain that it doesn’t work. Anyway the power of the law of attraction can be seen as existing in the way it became a real industry in the last decades.

Many books were written about this subject and also there are a lot of films about it. All the authors claim that they had real experiences regarding the law of attraction. And there are also celebrities that acknowledge their trust in it, like Oprah Winfrey or Paulo Coelho, the last one even writing a world renowned novel, The Alchemist, with the subject of the law of attraction. The novel is the story of a quest for a treasure. As a work of art, the novel can be read in many ways, each reader projecting his own experiences and understanding in the story. However one of the main meanings that you can get from the story is that the law of attraction doesn’t work mathematically, as do scientific laws, but its action is more like an invitation to a personal life adventure, giving to the term “law” an undeniable spiritual content that unites cause and effect in an absolute personal and non-repeatable way. As far as the question: does law of attraction work? you cannot answer with ‘yes, it works’ or ‘no, it doesn’t work’, because the way you live the action of the law of attraction is not identical with the way another person experiences it. At most you can say, yes it works for me, or no it does not work for me.

This personal character of the law of attraction is very well suggested in the novel The Alchemist, when the treasure believed to be found faraway in a distant land and for which the main character decides to go after is proven to lie at the end of the story actually under the ground of his native realm. Of course, that is a metaphor indicating that our true treasure lies inside of us and not outside. Only, this “inside territory” is much larger than the exterior space and usually we wander a lot of time through the interior land without reaching our own treasure. Even the word ‘treasure’ is not very clear. You may ask yourself: What is my true inner treasure, and not be able to come up with a clear, undoubted answer.

The entire trouble then with the meaning of the law of attraction appears not with regard to the fact if it is working but with regard to what it applies. What are actually the real contents that are related and put in correspondence here, because every law, in general, describes a constant relationship between two kinds of elements?

Those who claim that this law is working may have found their true treasure, while those who deny that it is working would apply it in the wrong context and those who in general deny the existence of the law of attraction may not have experienced any uncanny event in their life, an event that any human being could not consider as being a simple coincidence or accident, due to its profound subjective meaning.

The real effectiveness of this law, its dynamism lies then in the way it opens us to an unknown and unexpected horizon. As in the novel of Coelho we may think at the beginning that our treasure lies far away and we start to travel towards foreign lands only to find out at a given moment that what we have looked for is buried in the sole of our homeland.

It is not by haphazard then that the issue of the law of attraction has such a great social impact nowadays: it can be seen as a new form of an age old imperative: know thyself! It is the way we believe today that we can understand us, that we can know us.

An Unusual Kind of Gratitude

An Unusual Kind of Gratitude

Gratitude is an important part of The Law of Attraction, and those who practice it know that being grateful for those things they love brings more of those wonderful things into their life.

It’s real easy to be grateful for the things in life that you love. However, there’s a gratitude that isn’t practiced often… in fact rarely. And it’s more important than the gratitude you feel for the wondrous things in your life.

It’s gratitude for the things you don’t love. Things that bother you, things that you fear, things that make you angry.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why in the world should I feel gratitude for the awful things in my life?”

The answer to the questions is this: Because every time you experience something awful, you’re having a learning experience. And you came onto this planet to have experiences from which you learn. As you gain knowledge and wisdom, you raise your vibration.

Humans are wired to learn not from the fun, loving experiences they have but from the awful, painful experiences. Each time you feel anger, hurt, frustration, or another similar emotion, be grateful for you are in the midst of a wondrous learning experience.

You are being given the opportunity to raise your vibration as you gain knowledge and wisdom from the experience. And as you raise your vibration, you attract to you things of higher frequencies.

When someone does a hurtful thing to you or when you see something that upsets you, there are many ways you can respond. You can react with anger. You can stifle the strong emotions you’re feeling and pretend everything is just fine. You can forgive them… or try to. OR you can muse on what they’re teaching you and be grateful to them for the valuable knowledge they’ve given you as a result of the experience.

It’s not always easy, but it is always the highest and most beneficial thing you can do for yourself… and others. As Wallace Wattles says in his book, The Science of Getting Rich:

This (gratitude) will bring you into harmonious relations with the good in everything, and the good in everything will then move toward you.

Because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.

Here’s one method you can use to help you find gratitude for challenging things:

1. Describe the issue. What don’t you like about it? What bothers you or makes you angry about the thing?

2. Muse on the issue until you can uncover what it’s teaching you. Maybe it’s teaching you courage, better self worth, compassion.

3. State out loud or to yourself, “__________ is making me feel __________. I’m grateful that I’m learning _______________ from it.”

Use this simple process every day until it becomes a habitual thought process that takes you from focusing on what you don’t like to being grateful as soon as you begin to feel discomfort about a situation or issue.

How to Get Everything You Want Right Now

How to Get Everything You Want Right Now

For some this might sound like an impossible thing, since most of us have been told or at least heard that you can’t get everything you want. There’s even a song about it – probably more than one. I used to think that it was true too but not any more. It truly is possible to get everything you want. It’s actually pretty simple but at times it’s not always the easiest.

It all starts with knowing what you want. For some this is pretty easy, you can easily list out a majority of what you want in and for your life. For others, this maybe a bit more challenging. If you don’t know what you want, start by writing out what you don’t want in and for your life (this is usually pretty easy). Then once you’re done go back through and write the exact opposite.

So for an example if you don’t want to be single then you change that to “being in a loving & caring relationship” or “having a loving partner”. Once you’ve got your list you can move on to the next step.

The next step can be done in two ways so whichever way is easier for you to answer do that option. Take your list and for each item ask yourself “Why do I want this?”. Keep asking the question until you discover a feeling.

The other option is take each item and ask yourself “How do I think I will feel once I have this?” Once you’ve gone through your whole list & uncovered the feelings you are after – congratulate yourself. You now have the key to giving yourself everything you want.

Now you might be wondering how this new list could be the key to getting everything you want. Here’s the thing the only reason we ever want anything in our lives is because we think it will bring us a feeling. So what we are all truly wanting in our lives are just feelings (we just attached it to things, people & events). The great news is our feelings are in our control and we can change them at any moment we choose to.

Our feelings are created by our thoughts, beliefs and stories. So by finding the thoughts, beliefs and stories that create the feelings on your list, this is going to give you what you are truly wanting. So here’s how to start generating those feelings.

Pick one feeling and ask yourself “what would I need to think and believe in order to feel this?” or another option is to ask “what would someone who already has this (the item you’re wanting) be thinking and believing?” Then start focusing on feeling that emotion every day deliberately (sidenote: you don’t have to think about what you want so if thinking about a puppy makes you feel happy use that.)

Start giving yourself what you are truly wanting today and stopping waiting. You hold the key and have the power to give yourself everything you are wanting right now. Once you start feeling those emotions that you are truly wanting, I can guarantee the actually things, people or events will start showing up in your life usually sooner than you think.

How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency And Control Your Fate

How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency And Control Your Fate!

Are You All At Sea?

You are probably aware that your level of vibration dictates what types of events, circumstance, people and places that you experience in your life.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ramp up your own vibrational level allowing you to experience more of the good stuff in life?

The majority of people don’t feel in control, they are all at sea. Their inner world and vibrational frequency is shaped by the outside world, this is then played out in their everyday lives.

Feelings of frustration, lack of progress, and ultimately a feeling of not being in control, become typical.

How To Take Charge Of Your Vibrational Frequency

Ironically, this couldn’t be further from the way things actually are, you always have been in control, you always have had the power to attract the people situations and circumstances you desire into your life.

You just need to take a bit of time out, think things through, get a grip on your life and consciously create it.

Put another way, if you only tune your television in to channel 2, you are going to see channel 2, regardless of whether you like it or not. If you’re happy with that then great, but if you want something different then ‘change the channel’ i.e. ramp up your frequency.

By doing this, you will literally see a different channel in your life. This will not happen the other way around. The TV channel will not change for you, you have to do it!

7 Highly Effective Ways To Ramp It Up

So, why not choose what you want to see, be an active co-creator and try some of these simple yet effective techniques on a regular bases to raise your vibration:

1. Facebook following – Not as creepy as it sounds. Most people log onto Facebook and get an endless supply of trivial gossip. Sure, interacting and keeping up with everyone is nice but how about this instead.

Set-up a separate page (under the same account) and ‘like/follow’ all your favorite spiritual teachers, authors and other pages that make you feel good and inspire you.

At any time you can log on and view post after post of inspiring thoughts, pictures, videos and images… as opposed to the latest viral ‘quiz’ or random ‘friend of a friends’ weekend debauchery photos.

Authors I follow that have proved a constant source of inspiration are:

Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra, Teale Swan, Abraham Hicks and Mike Dooley, as well as pages set-up by organisations deliberately designed to make you feel good, like ‘Think Positive Words’.

To prove my point, I just logged on and this quote greeted me from Neale Donald Walsch:

“You will return to Heaven whether you have loved God in the right way or not. There is no place else to go.”

I’d rather read that than:

“Does anyone know if the air from a fan can blow away the signal for my Wi-Fi? Having trouble with my internet connection today.”

2. Meditation, but not as you know it – This silences your mental chatter. All the trivial day to day thoughts and inner turmoil that have been dragging you down and keeping you at the same level are quietened.

You allow your-self time to simple ‘be’. Become aware once more of what an incredible being you are. Rediscover yourself, realize that all answers lay within. Meditating is a great half way point from feeling in a bad place to jumping to a good feeling place.

Suddenly going from feeling down and depressed to feeling happy and upbeat isn’t easy. Meditating, however, is the perfect access station between the two. With a quieted mind you can come out of your meditation at a higher level of vibration ready to start building on better feeling thoughts.

3. Light and Water. As close to pure nature, non-resistance and peace as you are likely to get. They make you feel good. Whether it’s taking a long hot soak in a bath, watching the reflection of clouds in a lake, staring at a sunset, or simply listening to the ripples of water in a tiny stream.

Calming, soothing non-judgmental and totally positive. They provide the perfect back drop for calming the mind and allowing greater connectivity with your inner being.

4. Words that resonate. Have you ever read a book where certain words, phrases or even paragraphs have literally leapt off the page at you? As if they were written with you in mind. The perfect words at the perfect time.

Don’t waste these little treasures from the universe. Fold the corner of the book down or write them out in a separate ‘Words that Resonate’ book. Whenever you need a lift simply go to your bookshelves and flick through to the ‘dog eared’ pages or read from your writings.

5. Experiment. There are so many ways to allow yourself to feel good. You know yourself better than anyone. Here’s a few more that work:

6. Exercise (so long as you do something you enjoy), listen to your style of music, laugh and smile (well… der, of course that’ll make you feel good!), practice random acts of kindness (when you see a need, spontaneously reach out to help someone), read inspiring books, spend time being playful with children in your family, walk in nature, do art. The list is endless. Add your own.

7. Pillow Talk That Really Works!

Don’t beat yourself up if you let negative thoughts into your head. Resisting just enhances them. Work them through, cry if you need to, punch a pillow, do what you got to do to work through it and then move on. Move on to a better feeling thought.

Try a variety of the above and over time you will see the changes mirrored in the channel you find yourself living in. I’d love to know what you do to raise your vibration, so why not help others by sharing them below.

Alertness And Gratitude

Alertness And Gratitude

Being alert and grateful in life means never taking anything for granted, and living with full presence of mind and honestly thinking deeply about most or every action taken with attention to results. With that said, I begin this article. For me, life and existence are a quest to do this the best without flinching toward the opposite of that statement even once in a while, and if it means being irritatingly detail oriented sometimes, so be it. To be that way is better than being careless. I know that. Realistically, being alert and grateful is the key to winning even if temporary slips and losses happen. The permanent fall is not to care anymore and fear success. Success is being constantly grateful and alert, not fearing to attempt or lose if you do succeed. Grateful and alert means that maximum winnings matter but small successes and failures, and small failures and losses do not, they are steps to the ultimate winnings.

I remember reading about the American Revolutionary war when I was a boy here in this world. Lord Charles Cornwallis won more battles than he lost, and George Washington lost more battles than he won. But the difference is that George Washington was alert and grateful during and after the key battles he won that established the genuine victory, and Lord Charles Cornwallis thought arrogantly that he could overpower by winning a bunch of small battles without attention to overall victory, starting with using his soldiers in traditional ways instead of creatively using guerrilla or creative tactics like George Washington did and at Yorktown and other key battles that he and his soldiers did survive and win, the biggest failure of Cornwallis was underestimating the value of creative tactics and initiative unlike George Washington. Sure, the moral of what I am saying with this example of the American Revolutionary War is not an explicit example of history, but a metaphorical warning: Be creative and adaptable or genuinely lose to an “inferior”, more creative, genuinely superior force that wants the goal more.

Understand me there. That is not historical, but metaphorical for all ages and realities, the creative force that wants it more will always win over the overconfident competitive force that depends on arrogance to “win”, even if winning does happen for that overconfident force temporarily for that overconfident competitive force. Creativity ultimately wins out and rears its head later every time almost without exception. Even in the exceptions though, a different way to win is found, because creativity does not give up, it adapts without really giving up.

The Paradise Principle

The Paradise Principle: What Lights Our Fire

“Science is after all, the contemporary language of mysticism.” From You are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza, DC

It’s all one thing. We are connected to the universe and beyond in ways that would be utterly astonishing to most of us. Not only us humans, but all the creatures of the world even down to the plant life that seems to know how to do things that most humans, except perhaps some experts, cannot even comprehend. Performing photosynthesis, phototropism (plants turning toward the sun) and plants attracting and eating insects just to name a few. Let’s just examine the process of photosynthesis for a moment. We hardly respect the intelligence of animals no less insects and plants and yet without photosynthesis, which uses carbon dioxide, that all animals exhale, and water, fueled by the energy of the sun to create carbohydrates which fuels the animal kingdom, we could not survive. This little thing that the green plants do, whether you eat the flesh of other creatures or dine only on the plant life itself, supplies the food source for the animal kingdom of which we are all a part. So plants are not so “dumb’ after all for without them we would not exist.

My point is to establish the vital and crucial connection and link that exists on the Earth among its inhabitants in every strata of existence. We are linked as well to the place we came from beyond our mothers’ womb, that is to say what is commonly known as the other side, the spirit world, heaven or for this dissertation paradise. So just as a simple plant performing photosynthesis day in and day out, though vital to our existence, goes unnoticed by us as we make our way through our daily struggles, our connection with the other side or spirit world, also fuels our existence in ways that would shock and amaze us, as well as challenge our beliefs.

Whether or not it rings true in your mind, not only did we come from the spirit world and will return to it when we pass on, but virtually everything that we do is influenced by it in ways that most of us could not possibly imagine.

Everything we crave in this life we desire because they remind us, in some way, of the Other Side. There are a myriad of names for it: allure, animal magnetism, appeal, attraction, attractiveness, aura, beauty, that certain something, charisma, charm, chemistry, cool, dazzle, desirability, drawing power, enchantment, enthralling, fascination, flash, glamour, grace, “It,” lure, magical, magnetism, pizzazz, poise, presence, razzle-dazzle, razzmatazz, savoir faire, seductiveness, something special, sorcery, spellbinding, star power, star quality, style, to have what it takes, it’s witchcraft, x-factor.

My claim is simple, though the implications could easily be categorized as far reaching, to say the least. Thus, what we see in another individual, work of art (in fact why we call it art), or in nature, that grabs us, lights our fire and gives us that thrill (you get the picture), touches that part of us (our emotions) that is most connected to the spirit world from whence we came. And whether we like to admit it or not, for the most part our emotions control our lives.

So here are the mechanics of it and how it works in our day to day lives. When you were born and if you were fortunate enough to have one or more nurturing and affectionate parents the bond that was created between you felt like and resonated within you as the love you experienced when you were in paradise preceding your birth. When you met the boy or girl of your dreams the feeling you got, and perhaps if you are quite fortunate, still get, again resonated within you from the connection to the spirit side where love and rapture prevail.

Whenever we encounter a person, landscape, performance, structure, creature, event, work of art, etc. that awes us, it not only gives us transcendence (which literally means we momentarily leave our earthly, grounded ego state) but also presents a phenomenon to us that we surprisingly cannot define in words, that is perhaps why the French call it je ne sais quoi (I don’t know what). This interesting aspect of such events can be traced to the concept that there are no earthly words to describe what we feel, because in fact the experiences are other worldly.

And even though we could not well define these incidents of transcendence and trace them to their origin as I am attempting to in this essay, we have been using the principle quite effectively throughout the ages. It is not an accident that Catholic churches are so grand in structure, or Buddhists chant, Whirling Dervishes whirl, Jews davin, Protestants often sing hymns and other music during a church service, and so on, in order to bring about transcendence, thus hook our emotions and connect so powerfully with our spiritual aspect.

Therefore, the missing element in why we are wowed and where we transcend to in our mind and spirit when we are spellbound, dazzled and “get that loving feeling,” is that, for that “magic moment,” we are connected to the other side, the spirit world where we can escape this world of space and time, madness and turmoil, jealousy and vengeance, cruelty and violence to a place called paradise.

Duality Of Conscious And Subconscious Explained

Duality Of Conscious And Subconscious Explained

The Law of Attraction works within our mind, but it works throughout nature under definite laws that are set and definite as the Law of Gravity. Our mind works according to the law of belief. You can look at belief as a thought in your mind, just that and nothing else. Imagining something as true sets the forces into motion that will attract it to you.

Once we have an understanding of how the mind works, we gain a sense of awareness and confidence in our powers. We have one mind, but our mind possess two separate functional parts, having their own distinct attributes and powers. In scientific terms, these two terms represent the duality of mind. The conscious level and subconscious level.

We think with our conscious mind. It is the reasoning or rational level. The conscious mind reasons, chooses, and determines. It is analytical. The subconscious level of mind is the heart of the emotions, and has the capacity of clairvoyance and clairaudience. It can see and hear events that are not physically present. It can leave your body and bring back the most accurate information. It speaks to you in intuitions, and does not have the ability to carry out a reasoning process. It is irrational and the creative mind.

It knows all and sees all, and is one with the Omnipotent Law that governs all things. It carries out the commands or impressions made on it by your conscious mind through belief. It is subject to your conscious mind or subjective, which is where all the magic and creative forces of our subconscious powers can be released into the outer world to bring what you want. There is something magical about the hypnotic power of our mind.

Think of your mind as a rich garden that will grow any seed deposited in it. Thoughts are seeds. It is unfortunate that this law works for good and bad ideas too. Whatever we habitually think and emotionalize in our conscious mind sinks down into the subconscious and grows after the nature of the seed planted in its rich soil. One of the most important abilities of our conscious mind it to protect our subconscious from false beliefs or from what we consciously believe to be true. It serves as the watchmen at the gate, because our subconscious mind is the creative medium.

When destructive thoughts become implanted in the deeper mind, they will emerge and take shape as condition, circumstance, or an event in our life on the screen of space. Another great function of our consciousness is that we have the power to reason and choose. We do not have to accept negative thoughts.

Our subconscious accepts as true whatever is repeated to it often and does not dispute or argue on the basis of what it is told. It simply reacts to the nature of the suggestion given to it. If you constantly tell yourself “I can’t pay that bill,” “I don’t know the right people,” you would be depositing blank checks into your subconscious mind, which creates according to the nature of the thought in all of your affairs.

Reverse it by affirming “All my bills are paid and there is always a surplus,” “I Am divinely guided in all my ways.” Make a habit of this, and the law of your mind will respond accordingly.

Once we accept the thought completely in our conscious mind, our subconscious will begin to bring it forth into our experience as an outer reality. It is not the thing believed in, but the belief itself is what creates a definite reaction by the Law of Attraction or your subconscious mind, and the response we get will be determined by the nature of the thought or desire. What we habitually think, we become. Positive thoughts brings guidance, freedom, and peace of mind. This should make it clear for us to think, speak, and act positively to get a rich harvest from the universe!

Whatever You Resist Will Persist

Whatever You Resist Will Persist

Are you living the optimal life? How are your energy levels? Do you operate at a high level of energy every day? One of the best ways to increase your energy is to practice the ‘Law of Least Resistance’.

Resistance can have expensive consequences. It takes a lot of emotional and physical energy to resist something. This in turn, weakens your immune system, and perpetuates an incredible amount of stress and anxiety within your life.

The saying goes, ‘that which you resist will persist’.

The ‘Law of Least Resistance’ is evident all throughout nature; you will never see a tree, a flower or anything in nature, struggling to grow. It simply grows. It’s doing what it was designed to do, and with the least amount of effort. It uses energy in the most efficient way, by allowing life to take it where it should go.

Have you ever found yourself resisting something that you don’t want in your life, for example poverty, sickness, pain, weight-gain etc? Your conscious mind knows the difference between a negative instruction and a positive one – but, your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference.

Most people activate the ‘Law of Resistance’ without being consciously aware of it. When we persistently focus on something, we are in effect, ‘attracting’ it towards us. It is through our thoughts, and our beliefs that we invite situations, experiences, people, and material things into our lives.

Some people experience unhappiness, anxiety and fear in their lives because they ‘resist’ unhappiness, anxiety and fear. If you are continuously thinking ‘I don’t want to be unhappy’, ‘I don’t want to be anxious’, or ‘I mustn’t be fearful’ then, the words ‘unhappy’, ‘anxiety’ and ‘fear’ filter constantly into your unconscious mind… making it so.

‘Don’t’, ‘can’t’, ‘won’t’ and ‘not’ are words which activate the Law of Resistance. Some examples of thinking this way may be, ‘I don’t want to be poor’ brings about poverty; or the thought ‘I can’t do the job’ creates fear of failure, and so on. On the positive side, thinking such as ‘I am wealthy’; ‘I am able to do anything’; ‘I am healthy and successful’, attract that positive energy towards you.

Through correct thinking and mindfulness, you can find the path of least resistance and eliminate stressful living once and for all.

Make it a habit to no longer resist sickness, poverty or failure. Rather embrace and attract health, wealth and success. So, rather than resist the negative, learn to embrace the positive.